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Register your clinic with EYEBAB today, and get access to the complete selection of vision training apps. Our vision training apps are built so they’re easy and intuitive to understand and work with. Not only for the functional optometrist, but for the patient too. Training at home with our vision training apps must be fun and motivational, and the client should feel that they’re achieving positive results by using them – that’s why they must be easy to work with.


Create client accounts and collect all their information in one spot. The interface is designed in a flat style, with functionality as the top priority. Choices and settings are icon-based, and they’re often designed together with functional optometrists, so they make sense from a technical point of view. There are many opportunities to adjust the app difficulty, so it can be used over a longer period of time while the client is improving. There are many opportunities to adjust the various themes of an app, so it fits into the patient's needs.


Assign the apps that your clients need for their training. We have developed a digital vision training tool for functional optometrists, to help them offer their patients the kind of training that matches their daily lives. Based on the traditional tools and working methods, we have created a digital toolbox as a strong complement to you and your everyday life. It gives you measurable opportunities to streamline vision training.


Read data and follow your clients’ training and development. Every day our lives become increasingly more digital, and every day functional optometrists meet clients whose lives are led on digital platforms.




Figure It

Test, Visualization

overview, order, coordination, space and direction, copying, mirroring

A figure consisting of up to four geometric shapes is displayed. A visual task must be done according to the instruction - seen at the far left. The blocks are rotated in the box on the bottom right and then dragged one at a time into position. When you think you have solved the task, the result is checked.

Hart Chart

Binocular fov

decoding, overview, order, rhythm

There are rows of letters and/or numbers that need to be mentioned. A beat can be added which you have to follow. If there is a mistake, you can jump back by clicking on the character you want to return to.

Lift It


decoding, overview, order, rhythm, coordination

The task is best done sitting. The symbol is understood to mean that the line indicates the body, and at the top there is a square for the right/left hand. On the bottom is a square for the right/left foot. The hand or foot must be lifted (flipped/trampled) as indicated by the symbol, if applicable on the beat. If there is a mistake, you can jump back by clicking on the character you want to return to.

Peripheral Chart

Field of View

field of view, overview, reaction

A circle with a character or figure in it appears and you fix on. By mindful use of the peripheral vision, a matching sign must be found and marked in field of vision.



binocular seeing, sequential movements, coordination, concentration, reaction, precision, field of vision

A racetrack is shown, and the goal is to complete one or more rounds as quickly as possible. This trains continuous and precise hand-eye coordination. It requires peripheral skills and awareness of where the hand/object is relative to the tracks outer border.

Stereo Depth

Binocular fov

binocular seeing, precision

An image in shown that appears to be either in front of or behind the screen. The task is to judge the depth of the image and correctly assess how many symbols are placed at the same depth.


Binocular fov

field of vision, perception

Two figures are shown with different positions which can be adjusted inwards/outwards to change their apparent position in front or behind the screen.

Tricky Letters


decoding, overview, order, rhythm

Letters that are visually similar and therefore confusing are displayed. These should be named, preferably to the beat. If you make a mistake, you can jump back by clicking on the character you want to return to.

Visual Symbols

Binocular fov

saccade, perception, focus, concentration, decoding

With color glasses on, a random figure appears inside the 4 angled figure which you must mark by pressing the correct one of the displayed figures.

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